One of the largest fine cacao plantations in the world

The Magic of our Terroir


To us, Cacao is a precious gift of Mother Nature. Our unique terroir helps distinguish us as Peru’s finest cacao.

Terroir is a French concept that, literally translated, means ‘earth’ or ‘soil’. It describes how the flavour of our cacao is an expression of the temperature, sunlight, rainfall, and the presence of specific minerals or other compounds in the soil in which it was grown.

These elements work in tandem to influence the size, acidity, sugar levels, complexity and aroma of cacao, amongst others, in a given harvest. It is a delicate balance.

At TAMSHI Estate in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, we are fortunate enough to enjoy 3,000 mm of rainfall evenly distributed throughout the year to grow our cacao, allowing us to strike a perfect balance harvest after harvest.  

Unlike many cacao producing regions in Peru, our terroir is blessed by Mother Nature to be cadmium-free. We are adopting the highest international standards of traceability and control all sources of products that come into contact with our land with the upmost care.

We are proud to be one of the few producers in Peru that meet EU regulation standards on heavy metal limits in cacao.



By implementing an agroforestry system throughout the entire reorganised cultivated area of the Estate (with significant forest areas left untouched as reserves), where native forest species, cacao trees and native vegetation cover co-exist to form a high carbon-capturing ecosystem, TAMSHI has committed to rebuilding something unique in the world.

Our agro-forestry system helps the environment by:

  • Preserving the flora and protecting the fauna.  Provides habitat and sanctuary for hundreds of species of animals

  • Protecting the soil against erosion with commelina as ground cover, a native plant that enhances soil fertility naturally, keeps humidity, lowers ground temperature and serves as habitat for the insects pollinizing cacao, hence acting as natural fertilizer

  • Acting as a sanctuary for endangered species of trees like Rosewood, etc.

  • Sequestrating carbon like a secondary forest

  • Acting as a centre of research for agroforestry studies to support the creation of a next-generation model of sustainable cacao production

Our dream is also to be the first plantation in the world of this size and scale to use 100% renewable energy sources such as the husk and juice of the cacao fruit.

A Home for wildlife

With its unique agroforestry system in the world, due to its size and location, we are proud to say that our Estate is a home and conservation area for wildlife.

Within TAMSHI Estate, our team of biologists have recorded more than 117 bird species, 19 mammal species, 42 amphibian and reptile species and 119 insect species. These animals have come to live in our agro-forestry systems and enjoy the estate as a sanctuary.

As part of our commitment to the environment and protection of wildlife, employees and visitors to our plantation must respect all plants and animals and avoid any disturbance of flora and fauna.